Explanation of ECG sniper site


Explanation of ECG sniper site

Explanation of ECG sniper site

Do you work in e-commerce?

Do you work in the drop shipping specialty?

Are you someone who works on eBay, Etsy, and Shopify?

Do you need winning products from free suppliers?

If you are, have you ever heard of ECG sniper site? If you do not know this site then you have missed a lot !!

Let me take you a tour of this site to learn about the most important services that this site offers and offers that benefit you as drop shipper.

Let's start with the website interface:

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

When you browse the interface of the site, you will find indicators and graphs that guide you to the growing movement of websites sales in the world, whether on eBay, Etsy, Ali Express, Amazon Walmart, Shopify, which are useful for you to determine the rising destination that you will deal with.

 market research

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

Down with the mouse button, you will be presented with six boxes to display the products, categorized as follows:

The first box: Market research for Amazon FBA for dropshipping as well as affiliate shopping

You can find here the market search from eBay with huge sales on the site, with the addition of the product link from all e-commerce sites, and you always find the product at a price lower than what is displayed on the eBay site from the  Ali express site 

displayed on the eBay site from the  Ali express site

In addition to a market search from social networking sites (Tik Tok with a huge interaction, Instagram and Facebook with thousands of interaction) with the product link from Amazon and Ali Express.

At the top of the displayed products, you will find a small description of the lowest price for the product on Amazon, and this serves for who working amazon fba 

The second box: winning and popular products on Amazon at a lower price than eBay

And here, once you browse in this corner, you will find thousands of products available on the Amazon website and their price is cheaper than eBay, and this is more specialization in working to help the drop shipper to achieve the highest possible profit, so if you are looking for a specific product, you only have to type the name of the product and specify your category With it, you will find it available in ECG-Sniper with sufficient information and description about it, in addition to its price range, and the eBay link that sells this product as well as the link to sell it on Amazon.

 The third box: products with weak competition and not found on eBay

This is something that distinguishes Al-Sniper from other sites where you will find market research that has not been conducted before in other market research tools,  also the site provides products from Amazon and AliExpress that have very low competition, and most of them are not listed on eBay yet.

Box 4:The Winning products on Etsy with a higher price than Amazon and Ali Express

This search is for Etsy drop shippers. Here you will find high-sales products on Etsy attached to another link for the same product at a cheaper price on AliExpress or Amazon, and of course, here you will find everything you want to know about the product so that you can market it in your store

You can find a full explanation of dropshipping on  Etsy.

Box 5: HAND MADE products with little competition 

especially for the dropshipping on Etsy

Once you click on this box, you will see a lot of handmade products with weak competition, but sales on them are high, with the provision of the service of American or China stores here, and this is specific to the drop shipper operating on Etsy, and this is an advantage that no site has provided before.

The Sixth Box: Seasonal and Holidays Products

This type of search is more specialized for you, as once you browse through this option, important seasons and events will be presented to you, so you only have to select the occasion and directly the site will take you to the most important winning products for this occasion.

What do you think of this mastery and creativity in the sniper site, inevitably these varied and multiple classifications of winning goods and products will facilitate your work in the way of shipping and save you more time and increase your profit rate if you select your correct options by visiting our site.

Keyword/hashtags tool

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

Here is a feature that is unique to the sniper from other dropshipping tools, as it provides you with a keyword tool to facilitate your access to the products you want according to your choice, where you can choose any online platform or YouTube and Google to search for words on it, also  it provides You have the hashtags tool, and this tool is the best and most powerful way to promote free products.

vero / trademark check

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

Here the sniper helps you to know about private brands and international brands so that you can escape from legal prosecution of property rights for the product.

customize images

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

Here, ECG Sniper can remove the property rights from the product images in order to be able to make an image of your product, and put your brand on the products

Successful stores

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

Get you successful Etsy & eBay stores on a daily basis. Where Al-Gannas adds two ebay and other Etsy stores every day, in addition to Shopify stores, showing you the store's logo with the link to it, and the country of origin, in addition to choosing stores with very high ratings and high sales all in order to present an active store It is not a closed or inactive store.

Free supplier

Explanation of the ecg sniper site

the sniper website provides you with products with the supplier link for this product, and it is agreed between the site and these suppliers to deal with the product as dropshipping, so there is no invoice or packaging in the name of the manufacturer and other things that protect you in your field and you can get products with weak competition and products Profitable.


Explanation of the ecg sniper site

 When you browse this option, you will find that you are inside the great ECG Sniper blog for dropshipping, where useful articles that facilitate your work, and a lot of important things you will find there

Subscription price

As for the subscription price, it is very attractive $ 8.99, including a trial period without linking to a Paypal account, and the site’s marketing system can also be used to take free subscriptions, and the site also allows you to get a free daily experience in order to keyword and hashtag and vero in addition to a free daily profitable product and this is a forever renewable feature

Also, its offers do not end. Once you subscribe for three consecutive months, you will get a free month, and this offer is repeatable

After all this presentation to the ECG Sniper site, did you not become curious to visit the sniper site and benefit from its services? If your answer was yes, then this is the website link