Questions about dropshipping on Etsy?


 Questions about dropshipping on Etsy?

Questions about dropshipping on Etsy?

Recently, there are many people in the world who sell illusions to people who have no idea about dropshipping, as these people cannot reap sufficient profits from dropshipping or e-commerce

So they promote that they have earned millions of work and sell courses to people and tell them that you will be the owner of millions and businesses after watching the course. Our question to these people, how do you sell a course for a few dollars while you have millions, as you say?

People buy the course from it and then get frustrated because the work is not easy and it wants effort, lessons, support, patience, and a lot of things, We in the e-commerce giants team decided to publish unprecedented content for the first time on YouTube and exclusively the team of e-commerce giants offered a completely free course of dropshipping on Etsy Inclusive with  free 24/24 support

You can learn about the complete way to do dropshipping on Etsy by reading the following articles that contain a full 10 episodes course

Let's start with clarification questions to help understand the dropshipping on Etsy 

Is dropshipping on Etsy allowed?

Dropshipping means that you upload products from store to store randomly and it is forbidden in Etsy, but if you work with suppliers, this is legal for Etsy, meaning that you say in the store's policy that the products are not yours and they are the property of a supplier you work with and many things must be worked on to make dropshipping Legal on Etsy.

Is it possible to do dropshipping from Amazon to Etsy?

This is not legal, although many sellers do this by cleaning the tracking numbers with bluecare, and in this case, Etsy will not discover that you are working through Amazon, but I do not advise that and I recommend that you work with suppliers to be legal and when working with suppliers you do not need to use Blocker tracking number cleaning tools, you can find free suppliers from Ecg sniper 

What can I do if my Etsy account is closed?

Many of us have suspending their account when opening it and this matter is very normal because  Etsy only wants to make sure of you and your intention when registering on the site, just all you have to do is contact them directly after the account is closed and not wait because this is not in your interest, then you have to tell them in The message is that you have read the site policy and acted in a legal and correct manner, and that you are dealing with a reliable global supplier and that all the products that you sell are hand-made and that you can supply and deliver the tracking number in less than two days and deliver to America and Europe with 10, and that you have set the sales policies of the store as necessary and ready to work.

After sending this message, the account will be opened directly.

Note: Change the format because everyone uses it

What do I do if my Etsy account is permanently closed?

  • Format your device
  • Open a new user with a new name
  •  Delete all old cookies
  •  Restart the router to change the number
  • Register in Etsy with a new name that has the same name as a user to your currency, a new number, a new e-mail, a new address, a new card and another Paypal.

How can I remove the Hold from Etsy sales in Paypal?

Many people think when suspending money in Paypal that the reason is Etsy, but the reason is the strength of your Paypal account and its credibility with Paypal, some people receive money directly when sold without suspending it, but if you are one of the people that hangs money in Paypal,  you should choose to ship Fast and fast processing of products, and try to deal with a supplier that ships by UPS or USPS, then you must define the tracking number, Tracking number, in Etsy and Paypal, and the hold will be removed from two to five days.

What countries should I ship to it if I'm dropshipping on Etsy?

It is better to activate it for America and some European countries only because shipping in the rest of the world is much delayed or expensive. When raising a product or dealing with a supplier, you must take a look at the speed of shipping and its costs to Europe, then choose the countries that ship cheap and fast

How to link or change the linked PayPal account with Etsy?

You go to the Financess menu and then go to the Payment settings menu. You will find an option to add Paypal, so you can link the new Paypal or change the old one.

Is it possible to work on more than one niche or is it necessary to adhere to one specialty?

You can create sections inside the store for each niche you want to work with,

But you must stick to the handmade products

How much is Etsy commission for listing products?

When you first list a product, Etsy takes 20 cents and is replenished after your product inventory ends and is displayed again on the site.

Can more than one Etsy account be opened on the same device?

It is only possible if it is with the same name and Etsy knows that you are the owner of the two stores, or you can open two accounts with different names and each one has a device and a private network, and if you want to open the account from the mobile, the two accounts should not be opened from the same mobile, and each one must be on a mobile

Can the account be opened from the device and for mobile?

Yes, there is no problem with that. You can download the Etsy app and open it through it to see the latest developments and sales first Powell.

Does changing the network IP affect the account?

If it is from the same place, there is no problem with that, and the other network should not have another account, as this is dangerous for the two accounts, also I do not recommend opening the account from more than one network and place because this is dangerous for him, because the electronic platforms are sensitive and not like social media platforms.

How large is the image size of the products that Etsy accepts?

Images must be 2,000 pixels wide for Etsy to accept them and appear correctly

How can the image size of Etsy products be resized as desired?

During enter To  Paint and resizing as required, if you are a user of the ECG Sniper tool, on the Image Cleaner Tool page that cleans images and protects you from property rights, there is an option that can be pressed to turn the image exactly as Etsy wants

What tracking numbers does Etsy accept?

All numbers are accepted by Etsy, but the numbers belonging to companies such as Amazon and Ali Express are standard, and some numbers that belong to platforms pose a risk to the account.

How do I find winning products and keywords for Etsy?

If you are a user of tools, there are many tools that provide market research, but all these tools range in price between 30 to 300 dollars and do not provide other than market research and most of them offer only 3 products per day and this until 2020, but in 2021    ECG SNIPER site appeared that offers double the market research provided by well-known tools. also, it offers 6 other services in addition to market research, the most important of which are products from suppliers, keywords and hashtags, successful stores, and products without competition

What shipping period does Etsy accept?

Etsy accepts shipping within a maximum period of 20 days, so you must be careful to choose a shipping period of less than 20 days, and it is best to deal with a supplier to ensure that the product arrives in less than 10 days,

And if you find it difficult to find a supplier, the ECG Sniper tool offers free suppliers with profitable products and uncompetitive products, unlike other market research tools that rely on Amazon and Express only.

Can I do dropshipping from Ali Express and Amazon together on Etsy?

It is possible and there are many people who do this by setting a special shipping policy for each product, but we recommend that you do not do that and deal with one supplier so that the work is legal and as Etsy desires.

Are there tools to automatically upload products on the Etsy website?

It is better not to link any tools on the site and work manually to ensure that your account is not closed.

If the card is not accepted at Etsy and I do not have a bank card?

There are many services on the Internet and here they sell you a card that can not be charged or used and its purpose is only to activate the account and its price is only dollars everywhere, you can search for it on eBay or in one of the Facebook groups for dropshipping, and after getting sales you can withdraw it by any other means and if you want to pay The bill can be paid with any regular card.

What countries still deal with PayPal on Etsy?

Only India is still allowed to deal with PayPal to receive payments. As for the rest of the countries on the Etsy site, subscribing to the Etsy payment system is required.