How to Dropshipping on Etsy Lesson 1 (Introduction)


How to Dropshipping on Etsy Lesson 1 (Introduction)

How to Dropshipping on Etsy Lesson 1 (Introduction)

 Working from your home and collecting money with ease is everyone's dream, on your computer, you can open your own store, manage your business, and collect money.

And many of you have a desire to learn dropshipping on many sites, in order to earn money and achieve the highest profits while sitting at home with ease.

If you have ever dropshipping on eBay, you are aware of the big problems that have become haunted by workers.

Many of us have been suffering lately From frequent eBay account closures, and a lot of pirates and fake buyers, these sellers only intend in their purchases to be harmful to the sellers.

In this series of articles, I will introduce you to a course of dropshipping on the Etsy website, we offer this site as an alternative to dropshipping on eBay, and how to do the dropshipping on the site safely away from closures and Suspension.

Note that dropshipping on Etsy is forbidden, as is the case with eBay, However, we will show you how to make your account legal and permitted

We will be the first to explain the dropshipping course on Etsy from A to Z without any issues.

The difference between dropshipping on Etsy and eBay

How to Dropshipping on Etsy Lesson 1 (Introduction)

  • On the Etsy website, you can open an account and start listing products directly, without any closures, you can start drop shipping immediately after opening an account on the Etsy website 

  • When listing the product on eBay, you update frequent account closures without mentioning the reasons, you can only dropshipping after you sell a local product, in order to avoid closing your account

  • Etsy taxes are lower than eBay

  • On Etsy, you can create a shipping policy for each product, meaning you can work on Express and Amazon at the same time.

  • On the eBay website, if you place more than one shipping location, your account will be restricted (Flag).

  • The competition for Etsy is less, so the opportunity to sell is greater.
  • The competition for eBay is great, but the chances to sell are less.

  • You can set any price you want, and with the profit margin, you want.
  • At eBay, the profit margin is very low due to the high competition.

This was a quick comparison between Etsy and eBay, and the most important differences between the two sites, to be aware of how the site works.

Dropshipping on Etsy Lesson 2 (Opening an Etsy seller account)